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Ready to unlock the code for more fun, more skills, and more competition? 

The code for 925 Futsal success: Combining education, competition, and growth. 

Your 925 Futsal Club experience will complement, not clash with, your outdoor youth soccer program.

Building futsal skills and playing futsal matches can help a player maximize their potential on the soccer field.


Educate the Player

925 Futsal’s professional coaching staff will focus on teaching and developing youth players to understand the game of futsal, both tactically and technically, and help them learn to use this knowledge in competition.   

Futsal skills are proven to accelerate soccer development. Futsal promotes creativity, quickness, and decision making; all skills transferable to the soccer field. Many professional players, men and women, credit futsal as a valuable learning tool in their youth.  Male players include Neymar, Messi, Ronaldinho, Philippe Coutinho, Robinho, Falcao. Female players include Amandinha and Fereshteh Karimi.  

Compete at the Highest Level

The 925 Futsal Club strives to form teams in the U8-U14 age groups to train and compete in US Youth Futsal (USYF) and US Futsal Federation (USFF) regional and national competitions. Club teams will also seek to compete in the Champions Cup Series (CCS) regional tournaments. Competing in other regional tournaments is also possible and will be decided upon by each 925 Futsal Club team and approved by the club.

Grow the Game


The 925 Futsal Club strives to be a pathway for players to maximize their potential in futsal and soccer. Futsal participation will enhance soccer skills and can even provide dedicated futsal players with long term futsal opportunities for competitive play at the youth, collegiate, and professional levels. Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports worldwide.  


Fast paced, technically challenging, and lots of fun, the game of futsal emphasizes skills over strength and size. It’s a smaller field with fewer players and a faster pace of play. Futsal players touch the ball many more times during the game, providing individual opportunities to improve footwork, passing, and quick thinking. 


The sport itself is growing rapidly with more youth clubs and more competitions. There are professional futsal leagues, such as Major League Futsal, and even collegiate programs emerging in recent years. Westcliff University recently established a men’s and women’s futsal program.

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